Best Amalfi Coast tours: food, traditions, events, beaches

Amalfi events, Mediterranean food, traditional feasts, lemon desserts and liqueurs

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Amazing places to visit during your Amalfi Coast tours, when you stay at Torre Saracena hotel: Saint Andrew Cathedral, “chiostro del Paradiso”, Piazza dei Dogi, “Antichi Arsenali”, Paper Museum, the path of “Valle delle Ferriere”.
Amalfi is the most important town on the Amalfi Coast. Its harbor was the center of the commerce during the ancient Maritime Republic: wonderful scenery from the mouth of the Valle dei Mulini until its fabulous beaches. Amalfi, named la Divina, extending itself over 50 km from Vietri sul Mare to Positano and overlooking the gulf of Salerno.
Ancient Maritime Republic, rich in history and culture, Amalfi represents nowadays a famous touristic center, well-known all over the world for its landscape and monumental beauty, and, not an insignificant detail, for its good-tasting food.
“For the people of Amalfi the day they enter Paradise will be a day much like any other: because for them paradise is already here on earth, right on their doorstep.”
In the middle of 1800s, thanks to Prince Ferdinand of Bourbon and the construction of the coastal road between Vietri sul Mare and Positano, Amalfi became one of the best known locations of the Amalfi Coast Tours.
Like a crib on the sea, Amalfi preserves is charm in the little white houses, romantic alleyways and porticoes, and the ancient maritime Tower.
It may be interesting to know that…
According to the legend, it seems that Ercole gave this name to the village in honor of Amalfi, the nymph with sea blue eyes.

The best things to see in Amalfi, during your Amalfi Coast tour

During your Amalfi Coast tour, do not miss to visit:

  • The cathedral.
  • The ancient arsenals.
  • The paper museum.

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew has an impressive stair of 62 steps. The bell tower is the original byzantine of the 9th century, completed in 1276. The interior of the church is baroque and the façade was re-built in the 19th century because the original baroque collapsed. The crypt preserves the bronze statue of Saint Andrew.

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Amalfi Coast tour: what to see
Amalfi Cathedral
The Amalfi Cathedral is an architectural complex in Arab-Norman style dated back to the IX century, when this Maritime Republic stood out because of its maritime and commercial power. Devoted to Saint Andrew, the cathedral is located in Piazza Duomo and it towers above the small coastal town from the top of its impressive flight of steps.
Open daily
Summer: 9am – 9pm
Winter: 10am – 5pm
More info: +39 089 871059
Next the cathedral there are the “Chiostro of Paradiso”, built in the 13th century, and the ancient Church “Basilica del Crocifisso”
The ancient arsenals are the remains buildings where the marine republics ships were constructed. It is the setting for the Civic Museum.
The Paper Mill Museum
It is located in Via delle Cartiere 24, in the historic Cartiera Milano.
This is one of the ancient paper mills where the hand-crafted paper, called bambagina, was produced. Today the paper of Amalfi is one of its most important handicraft products.
The Paper Mill Museum (Italian: Museo della Carta a Mano), located in the enchanting Valle dei Mulini, is an ex paper mill where you can find the old paper machines used to make the Carta a Mano – the famous fine paper of Amalfi. There’s also a library with about 3.000 books about the origins of paper.
By visiting the museum you can witness the paper production and the operating mode of the still functional water mills.
Opening hours
From 1/3 to 31/10: 10am – 6.30pm (open all day)
From 01/11 to 28/02: 10am – 3.30pm (open all day. Closed on Mondays)
Paths and Walks in and around Amalfi:

  • Valle dei Mulini and Vallone delle Ferriere.
  • Amalfi to Atrani, along the Via delle Signore.
  • the Vallenula and the 10th century Church of San Biagio, with its 18th century majolica floor.

Appointments not to be missed during your Amalfi Coast Tours:

  • Antica regata
    Traditional regatta between the Ancient Maritime Republics – Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice – that takes place every four years on the first Sunday of June.
  • • Festa di Sant’Andrea
    Yearly, on the 27 of June, Amalfi celebrate its patron, Saint Andrew, carrying the statue representing the saint in procession through the streets of the village. Once the statue arrives on the beach, the fishermen pay homage to ‘’o vecchio’ (that means ‘the old man’, referring to the saint), by offering him seafood. Then, the statue returns to the cathedral, carried back running as a token of strength and faith.

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Delicious traditional food to taste in your Amalfi Coast tour

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Seafood, fresh fish, local vegetable, desserts and Mediterranean flavors
The tours through the Amalfi Coast will allow you to discover the delicious cuisine of Amalfi:

  • Handmade pasta stuffed with ricotta
  • Grilled Fresh fish
  • Maccheroni or scialatielli with seafood
  • Spaghetti with clams
  • Babà
  • Delizie al limone, typical dessert
  • Ricotta and pears cake
  • Snack on pizza fritta (fried pizza dough stuffed with cheese and tomato)
  • Supplì di riso (fried rice balls)
  • Crocchè (fried potatoes balls)
  • Pastiera napoletana (ricotta tart)
  • insalata caprese (a salad with mozzarella cheese, tomato, and basil)
  • torta caprese (cake with almond and dark chocolate)
  • limoncello (lemon liqueur)

From the creeks to the suggestive gorges, from the steps to the narrow streets, the typical white constructions, and the terraced gardens, Amalfi is a village for you to discover. Something not to miss is to visit the little workshops and to taste the most famous product of this land: the sfusato di Amalfi – a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) lemon. This is a typical ingredient of coast gastronomy and especially of Limoncello, the famous liqueur of Amalfi
In the surroundings of Amalfi, in Summer, there are several traditional feasts with a menu of typical products:

  • Pogerola: courgettes and pumpkins feast
  • Tovere, a hamlet of Amalfi: potatoes feast
  • Conca dei Marini: Santa Rosa, puff dessert feast
  • Conca dei Marini, fishing village on the beach: fried fishes feast

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