The fabulous Praiano, in Italy on the Amalfi Coast

Elegant rooms sea-view, delicious breakfast, parking available, tours and hiking, close to the bus stop, solarium and platform on the sea, Wi-Fi

Hotel Torre Saracena is pleased to welcome you to Praiano, in Italy, on the Amalfi Coast.

Praiano is a typical town of the Amalfi Coast, probably of Greek origins. It is well-known for its wonderful sunrise and sunsets.
Praiano was an ancient fishing village and preserves its history and traditions. The Hotel Torre Saracena overlooks on one of the tower along the Amalfi Coast, called Torre a Mare or Torre del Capo. It was a built in the middle age to defend the village from the incursions of the pirates. To explore Praiano you will be scaling steep flights of stairs.
The upper part of the village is world-famous for the hiking on the “Path of the Gods”, an ancient route of the Amalfi Maritime Republic that collected the coast from Positano until Agerola. It is an enchanting walk among citrus groves, vineyard, olive groves and the Mediterranean vegetation.
Praiano is a lovely Italian town on the Amalfi Coast with the typical white houses, built in lime, to preserve the inside from the summer hot.
The traditions of Praiano, over the centuries, survive in the traditional works of local handicraft: painted ceramic, sandals and overall in the Mediterranean cuisine:

  • Fresh fish
  • Seafood
  • Salted anchovies sardines
  • Tuna in oil
  • Squid with potatoes
  • Little tomatoes (piennolo)
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Desserts: migliaccio, a traditional recipe for the carnival
  • Christmas cakes: the grown zeppole, the zeppole vullute, the potato zeppole, the cazzabotti and the struffoli.

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The most important events in Praiano, in Italy, on The Amalfi coast, are:

  • the Luminaria and the celebrations for Saint Domenico.
  • The festivity of Saint Luca
  • Concerts open-air on the Paths of Gods

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Main beaches of Praiano, Italy, and of the Amalfi Coast

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In Praiano, Italy, on the Amalfi Coast, next to the Hotel Torre Saracena there is the beach La Marina di Praia, reachable on foot or by car from the Amalfi state road.
Other beaches in the surroundings:

  • Fjord of Furore
  • Conca dei Marini
  • Duoglio
  • Amalfi
  • Maiori
  • Positano

During your stay at Hotel Torre Saracena, from Praiano you can visit all the towns of the Amalfi Coast:

  • Positano,
  • Conca dei Marini and the Emerald Grotto,
  • Fjord of Furore with the ancient fishing village,
  • Amalfi,
  • Atrani,
  • medieval towns of Ravello and Scala,
  • Roman villa of Minori,
  • ceramics factories of Vietri Sul Mare,
  • Salerno and the temples of Paestum,
  • Sorrento,
  • archaeological excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum,
  • Vesuvius,
  • Naples,
  • the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Italy is an extraordinary country rich of beautiful places to visit like the Amalfi Coast and the romantic Praiano, in the authentic heart of this land.
Praiano is the perfect location of the Amalfi Coast where to spend a relaxing holiday in Italian style.
The most beautiful paths to explore on walking, are:

  • The Path of Gods
  • the path to the church of Santa Maria del Castro (San Domenico convent)
  • ancient caves of Santa Barbara and Agerola
  • path from Costantinopoli street to cala rezzola
  • Santa Maria di Costantinopoli and the walk of panoramas

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Why choose Praiano, in Italy, to stay during your travel on the Amalfi Coast!

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The magic atmosphere of Praiano will capture your senses: the authentic essence of the Amalfi Coast, the sweet live style of Italy:

  • genuine food
  • friendly welcoming inhabitants
  • wonderful panoramas
  • quite hotel rooms sea-views
  • traditional events
  • summer local feast of local products
  • romantic panoramas along the Amalfi Coast

Praiano is a picturesque village between Positano and Conca dei Marini. It was the summer residence of the Amalfi’s Doge at the time of the Amalfi Maritime Republic, considered the ‘heart’ of the Divina Costiera. Praiano’s houses rise at the surfaced base of the Monte Tre Pizzi, extending up to the Marina di Praia beach. This really set into the rock natural landing place was already used at the time of the ancient Pelagianum (old Praiano’s name). The medieval watchtower Torre a Mare watches over it. Dipped into the Macchia Mediterranea’s wildlife, with its suggestive crags right on the sea, Praiano does not only offer pleasant landscape and monumental features, but also excellent tourist and catering services.
It may be interesting to know that…
Something typical in Praiano is its votive aediculae, little sacred images painted on majolica squares or directly on building’s walls, to witness people’s devotion.
Hotel Torre Saracena, situated in Praiano, on the Amalfi Coast, Italy, offers comfortable rooms sea-views, parking, affiliated restaurant, bar, solarium, private aces to the sea and other extraordinary services: Contact us now!

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What to see in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast

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the secret spot of Praiano, on the Amalfi coast:

  • Cala della Gavitella and Fontana dell’Altare

Thanks to its westerly aspect with a view of Positano, Capri and of the Isola dei Galli, the Cala della Gavitella is the only all-day sunlit beach in the Amalfi Coast.
Close to the beach you can see the well-known Fontana dell’Altare, a natural swimming pool dug into the rock.

  • Cala della Gavitella and Fontana dell’Altare

The Grotta dell’Africana and the Grotta di Suppraiano are two very charming natural caves reachable enjoying a boat-trip departing from Marina di Praia beach.

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