Ravello, one of the most charming town of the Amalfi Coast

Classical Music Festival, Medieval Villas, Duomo of Saint Pantaleone

Relaxing Ravello on the Amalfi Coast: far away the crowded seaside towns of the Amalfi Coast

Located on a hill, the medieval town of Ravello, in the upper part of the Amalfi Coast, preserves its beautiful medieval building and monuments the medieval town preserves its beautiful medieval building and monuments.
Ravello is a natural terrace lying on the rock and overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, not far away from Amalfi, Maiori and Minori. Surrounded by lush vegetation is one of the most peaceful, charming and chic villages of the Amalfi Coast, described by several travellers as the ‘Home of Spirit’.
It may be interesting to know that…
Landolfo Rufolo, the main character of a Decameron’s novel written by Giovanni Boccaccio, was born here.
The town is easy to reach by car or by bus from the Hotel Torre Saracena.
Thinks to do in Ravello, on the enchanting Amalfi Coast:

  • Medieval Villa of Rufolo with its wonderful gardens overlooking the sea
  • Medieval Villa Cimbrone and its extraordinary gardens
  • Festival of classical music, concerts, jazz music, and dance shows
  • Duomo of Saint Pantaleone
  • Civic Museum
  • Shopping in the local handcraft’s shops

What to see in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast
• Villa Rufolo
This renowned historic building was built in the XIII Century at the instance of the Rufolo family. In arabic-sicilian style, it rises up on the cathedral’s square.
Falling sheer into the Amalfi Coast and Gulf of Salerno panorama, the terraces of Villa Rufolo inspired the musician Richard Wagner composing the second act of his noted Parsifal. The Ravello Festival, yearly celebrated in summer, is dedicated to this musician.
Villa Rufolo and Wagner
In the 1880 the musician Richard Wagner stay in Ravello while he was working on of Parsifal: the gardens of Villa Rufolo inspired it for the magic garden of Klingsor.

Open daily
Summer: 9am – 8pm
Winter: 9am – till dusk
More info: +39 089 857621

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• Villa Cimbrone
In pseudo-medieval style, Villa Cimbrone is often defined the extraordinary work of an English Lord, William Beckett, who, helped by a tailor, transformed an old property in a polymorphous construction, halfway between the ancient and the exotic, source of inspiration for poets and writers. Become famous due to a sequence of the film ‘Sissi’, this villa has a wonderful garden full of statues, fountains and naturals caves, a wonderful viewpoint suspended above the sea..

Open daily
Summer: 9am – 8pm
Winter: 9am – till dusk
More info: +39 089 858072

The Cathedral preserves:

  • the central marble portal closed by the famous bronze door created in 1179 by Barisano da Trani,
  • the pulpit of the Epistles, of the beginning of the 12th century
  • the pulpit of the Gospels, on the right of the central nave, created in 1272 by Nicolò di Bartolomeo from Foggia
  • the bell-tower of the 13th century.

Ravello was visited by a lot of famous writers that impressed the town of the Amalfi Coast in their works:

  • Edward Forster, author of Room with a View,
  • Virginia Woolf, author of To the Lighthouse,
  • David Herbert Lawrence wrote numerous chapters of Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  • André Gide set a part of his novel The Immoralist,
  • Also a novel of Boccaccio deal about Ravello.

Spectacular walk and path through the nature and the history of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Romantic walk and hiking from Ravello on the magic Amalfi Coast

  • Santa Maria a Gradillo, the remains of the ancient fortified Castle, piazza del Vescovado, Cathedral , and the entrance tower of Villa Rufolo,
  • from Villa Rufolo to Villa Cimbrone,
  • from Ravello to Minori,
  • to Ravello, from Amalfi
  • the Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve.

Appointments not to be missed in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

  • Ravello Festival
    The Ravello Festival is a cultural happening yearly celebrated in Ravello. It includes a great number of appointments about classic music, literature and other arts and it gathers a lot of famous international artists.
    The Festival is dedicated to the composer Richard Wagner, who stayed here at the end of the XIV Century.
  • San Pantaleone
    On 26 and 27 of July Ravello celebrates Saint Pantaleone. Two days of religious celebrations, processions, parades, firework displays and music sessions in Duomo Square to celebrate its patron.
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